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Does Your Inside Equal Your Outside?

One of the biggest lessons we’ve ever learned in business came from Menlo Innovations President Rich Sheridan. It’s invaluable if you care about branding and culture.

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Welcome to My City

One of the first questions I always get asked about New Orleans is, “Where should we eat?” So, for all those who are new to this city–or maybe just slightly familiar–I’d like to offer up some of my all-time favorites in The Quarter

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3 Big Trends You Can’t Ignore

Here’s a question we get all the time: Why should I care about “going digital” or “becoming a Digital Agent?” That’s a legit, reasonable question. Answering as succinctly as we can, it really comes to down to this: Because you simply cannot ignore three large, over-arching trends.

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Top 10 For the Win

Lately, we’ve been asked by so many people so many times this one question – Why did you pick Google Drive as your top cloud choice for real estate? – that we wrote a blog post to answer that question. The most common follow up question? ”What can you actually DO with Drive that would matter to my real estate business?”

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11 Must-Ask Questions for Your Lead Generation Vendors

If you were about to spend $20,000 on a car, we’re confident you would have some good questions, would read reviews, and do your due diligence to make sure it was the right vehicle for you. Just like a new car, your lead generation systems deserve the same scrutiny, since most agents will spend thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars per year with a significant lead generation platform.

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What People Are Saying

Jennifer Bolen
Jennifer Bolen Premiere Property Group LLC
Just wanted to pop by and tell you how thrilled I am to be a T3 Member! I have barely scratched the surface of what you all have to offer and already have benefitted tremendously! You guys are the bomb-diggity!

Katie Carrico
Katie Carrico Griffith, Grant and Lackie Realtors
Thanks for the power-packed Q&A webinar T3 Experts! I'm blown away by the amount of information in just one session! 

Travis Derby
Travis Derby Shorewest Realtors
I am a paying member of the T3 group, and I am loving the info so far. Your company is offering the exact stuff that I was looking for to raise up our game.

Liz Warren
Liz Warren Merit Properties, Inc.
I'm really enjoying the webinars and the info you are providing. Excellent!

Gwen Daubenmeyer
Gwen Daubenmeyer The Integrity Team at REMAX in the Hills
T3Experts.com is a SOLID realtor edge! A MUST. Drop something else and get in here.

Sonya Derryberry
Sonya Derryberry Miramar International
Great webinar. A must-listen for every agent. We must keep evolving. This information will save you time and and money! Looking forward to the follow up steps in the T3 Membership!

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